Regular Events

General Meetings

Our general meetings are held weekly to provide ongoing support of all of our members.

Food Banks

Every week we provide bags of food for asylum seekers and refugees. This is a vital service that is particularly important for our destitute members who do not have other support from the government.

Mental Health Workshops & Support

This workshop exists to help our members understand and cope with depression, anxiety, and other emotional and mental issues that may arise from a traumatic past and/or current living conditions. These workshops occur once or twice per month.


We provide training in many topics including communication skills, money management, booking, sexual health, community safety, fire safety, how to access other support services, and what to do when you experience or witness a hate crime.

LGBT History Celebration & Talks

We host an annual celebration of LGBT history and offer opportunities for our members to give talks about their experiences and LGBT history in the UK and the rest of the world.

Fundraising Events

Periodically we run fundraising events of various types.

Upcoming Events

Previous Events